Black terrier



Black terrier


The BLACK TERRIER diffuser is a transducer emitting acoustic vibrations at a frequency of 15,6 KHz (within the human audibility limit). Two versions are available: either 84 dB(A)  or 90 dB(A) acoustic pressure.

BLACK TERRIER drives away and prevents the return of mice, rats, bats and dormice inside electrical panels, electrical cabins, false ceilings, under floors, cable pits and tunnels.

BLACK TERRIER is composed of a flameproof plastic box - containing the electronics – and a cylindrical water-resistant brass bell which generates the vibrations.

BLACK TERRIER is designed in compliance with:

  • the Italian Legislative Decree n° 81/08 standards governing Hygiene and Safety in the workplace;
  • the CE norms.

Designed and entirely manufactured in Italy, the BLACK TERRIER system is PATENTED.

BLACK TERRIER emits medium frequency vibrations which propagate in a straight line through the air and are reflected by non-sound absorbing solid bodies. These vibrations create an acoustic pressure cone having a vertex angle of 60 degrees and a depth of up to eight meters.

When the diffuser is installed inside a closed room with non-sound absorbing walls, thanks to the reflection phenomena, the cone of acoustic pressure tends to spread in an uniform manner (in particular inside cable channels, electrical boards, false floors and ceilings, and so on).

The BLACK TERRIER system acts as follows:

  • it covers background noises so preventing rodents from perceiving dangers;
  • it affects their hypersensitive sense of hearing causing them a hard state of stress.
As a consequence, the acoustic pressure cone pulls away resident  rodents and prevents their coming back.


The BLACK TERRIER and the BLACK TERRIER PLUS propagators can be used:

  • in a multiple configuration (16 transducers maximum, all connected to a BT16 Central Unit);
  • as single units if supplied with their own transformers.


  • BLACK TERRIER can be installed in small and narrow spaces thanks to its compact size. 
    A green LED, located on the front of the propagator, signals that the appliance is working properly.
    BLACK TERRIER average life-time is more than 15 years (MTBF Certificate n°07.MU05).
    The completely automatic system ensures constant high performance of the appliance.
    The acoustic pression pushes rodents outside the protected areas. As they are not injured or killed there is no health threat or bad smell.
    The emitter possesses an IP65 (protection level) which assures protection against dust and jets of water.
  • Electrical panels / electrical switchboards / panel rooms
  • Floating floors
  • Interspaces
  • False ceilings
  • Concrete tanks or surfaces
  • Cable pits and narrow underground passages
  • Doors and entrances
  • Electrical and electronic devices

Terrier electronic


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Terrier electronic


The TERRIER ELECTRONIC transducer emits low frequency vibrations and changes continuously and randomly:

  • voltage (0÷230 Vac),
  • frequency (20÷120 Hz),
  • emission period & pauses between two signals.

These vibrations propagate through the buildings structures and the ground contrasting murids nesting.

The action of this system against rodents is not only effective, but it is also definitive and preventive due to the fact that it creates a permanent disturbance in the area which prevents murids from repopulating it as they perceive said area as inhospitable.

The TERRIER ELECTRONIC transducer consists of a cylindrical body having a pivot for mounting it on one of the following supports:

  • "L" shape bracket for fixing on vertical structures (walls, pillars, etc.);
  • floor plate for fixing on horizontal structures (pavements, attics, etc.);
  • pile shoe for fixing into the ground.

 TERRIER ELECTRONIC – entirely designed and manufactured in Italy  – complies with:

  • the Italian Legislative Decree n° 81/08 standards governing Hygiene and Safety in the workplace;
  • the CE norms.

The TERRIER ELECTRONIC transducer propagates low frequency vibrations to the building or the ground to be protected. These signals, having a frequency between 20 and 120 Hz, propagates also in depth, but are strongly attenuated in phono-absorbent materials (insulations, rubber, wood, sand, etc.) and do not propagate through the air. So they do not pass through breaks and discontinuities in building (expansion joints for example).

Murids perceive these signals through their hypersensitive senses of hearing and touch and they interpret them as a micro-earthquake coming. Since the frequency, the voltage and the period of these signals vary continuously, murids do not get accustomed to them and they are forced to abandon the place which is no longer considered safe.

This system contrasts murids’ nesting in building and compact ground.


The TERRIER ELECTRONIC system is composed of up to 8 transducers to be connected to a PC40 central unit (master) or to a MC8 remote unit (slave). Since up to 10 MC8 can be connected to a PC40, the maximum system size consists of 88 transducers and 11 units (1 PC40 + 10 MC8). As a result also complicated or big sites can be protected.


    The TERRIER ELECTRONIC transducer can be installed also in hidden places (inside the buildings) and in outside areas (gardens and courtyards) as long as priority is given to the good propagation of the signals.
    The appliance has been designed and built to run continually.
    The transducer operation is constantly monitored by the central unit to which it is connected.
    The TERRIER ELECTRONIC transducer is robust and reliable and its operation life, even without maintenance, can overcome 15 years.
    The low frequency signals send away the murids as they make their habitat unsafe. So there are no dead animals or contaminant baits to remove.
  • SAFE
    The TERRIER ELECTRONIC transducer has the following characteristics:
    - protection level: IP55
    - insulating class of the electrical circuit: CLASS 2.


  • Concrete floors and surfaces
  • Cable pits and underground passages
  • Walls
  • Pillars and beams made of reinforced concrete
  • Steel columns and beams
  • External areas



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MULTISEAL is a thermoplastic resin based sealant resistant to rodents, fire and water.

Rodents are not able to scratch or gnaw the product, whereas the user can easily pierce or cut it if necessary.

Suitable for sealing any kind of section, MULTISEAL is available both as a ready to use paste and as pre-solidified panels.

MULTISEAL is produced according to the European Regulation (EC) N° 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

MULTISEAL forms a barrier to rodents through its olfactive and physical repellent action. The pre-solidified panels are effective barriers immediately after they have been installed.

The paste, on the contrary, becomes a physical barrier once it has dried.

The drying process requires a time ranging from 5 to a few dozen of hours, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.


The product is available in the following formats:

  • MULTISEAL PASTE in buckets @ 1, 7, 20 kg
  • Pre-solidified panels with copolymer core coated with MULTISEAL paste:
    - MULTISEAL FORM dimension: Ø 20 cm -  thickness 4 cm;
    - MULTISEAL PANEL dimensions: 50 x 60 cm - thickness 4 cm.


    The MULTISEAL range makes it possible to choose and modify the format which better fits the opening that has to be sealed.
    MULTISEAL has a fire reaction class "B-s2,d0 “.It may stay in contact with water, even saltwater, for an indefinite period, maintaining unchanged its resistance to the rodents’ attack.
    MULTISEAL is easily workable with simple tools: it is possible to shape the pre-solidified panels with the desired form and size without any working table. The installation is very easy and accurate, no need for fixing supports.The versatility of the product allows you to realize perfect barriers even when there are many cables in the gap to be closed.
    The characteristics of the product allow an easy perforation, easy cutting and eventually the rapid removal or modification to readjust sealing if necessary  (eg. removal or addition of new cables).


MULTISEAL was created to prevent the entry of rodents in the cable pits and cable channels inside the electrical substations, assuring at the same time easy maintenance of the realized sealings.

The evolution of the MULTISEAL range has brought  the development of antirodent barriers which remain effective and reliable also in presence of water and in case of fire. MULTISEAL is suitable for sealing cable entrances, electrical channels, corrugated, holes, openings and tunnels of any type; the product is available as paste ready to be spread with a spatula and as ready to install pre-solidified panels (round and square).


MULTITECNO’s technologies form an “INTEGRATED SYSTEM” against rodents. Through this system it is possible to protect complex sites (based on shapes, dimensions and building materials).

The low frequency signals emitted by the TERRIER ELECTRONIC terminals propagate through the solid and compact materials such as, for example, the buildings structures or the compact ground reaching murids in the small cavities where they hide or nest.

The medium frequency signals emitted by the BLACK TERRIER diffusers propagate through the air, in a straight line, and reach murids in the small and big volumes, such as interspaces, floating floors or electrical panels where they nest or move searching for food.

In addition to this, it is possible to use the MULTISEAL sealant for realizing physical barriers in passages such as electrical conduits and tunnels.

The oparation is very simple, expecially if done during the installation of the electrical system and is very helpful also for fighting other pests.

By combining the two electronic systems – thanks to their different mechanism of action – and the sealant you can reach the murids almost everywhere thus defending effectively the site.

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