Company profile

MULTITECNO has been operating for over 30 years in the field of pest control producing environment – friendly and smart technologies.

Throughout the years the Company has specialized mainly in the prevention of the damages caused by rodents in the technological sites and in industry in general.

Within the Company, the "Large Plants" division deals with the design of customized integrated systems for the protection of cables, equipment and technologies in the context of energy & data production, storage and transmission.

All the devices are manufactured according to the CE standards and to the safety and hygienic rules in workplaces (Italian Legislative Decree n° 81/08), as well as the regulation concerning production, processing, provision and storage of food and beverage (H.A.C.C.P., Italian Legislative Decree 193/2007 – CE Regulation 852/2004).

All the products are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

MULTITECNO couples the flexibility and reactivity typical of the small company with the most advanced means and services of the Italian Group Zignago to which it belongs to.


MULTITECNO solves the problem of the unwanted presence of harmful animals with technologically advanced and environmentally friendly solutions.



Founded in Padua, Italy.
The first product against rodents (mice and rats mainly) TERRIER ELECTRONIC started being manufactured in Padua – even though its invention dates back to 1978.


The industrial group ZIGNAGO came as a shareholder
The sealant / barrier MULTITEC FR 1200 widens the range of products for rodent control.



The Company moves inside the industrial site of the Zignago Group in Fossalta di Portogruaro, Venice, Italy.
A new product line is introduced: FLY LAMPS with auto advancing cartridge.
The third product against rodents – BLACK TERRIER – completed the rodent control range.


The ecological GLUE TRAPS range is launched as a bespoke products line.



Zignago Holding acquires 100% ownership of Multitecno.



The FLY LAMPS range came complete with a new line of GLUE BOARD FLY LAMPS and WALL LAMPS.